To supercharge reach and fan engagement ePlay's CORE Influencer Network fuses ePlay's Sports, Esports, and Entertainment influencer network with over 100 million followers to brands.​


Augmented Reality, mobile games, and media converge into platform where Pokémon Go meets Daily Fantasy and Amazing Race meets Hunger Games. Community-driven engagement powered with the CORE Sports, Esports, and Entertainment Network and AR Game Engine. 



Esports Vertical Integration


There is US$16B of advertising that is not finding its way to mobile. 

$16B Ad $ Mismatch

Charity needs game

Gamified approach to audience engagement connects fans to charity with one click and more resources to those that need it.

Old business models in middle of celebrity-fan engagement narratives

Traditional film, TV and game business models don't match todays socially engaged storytellers and their audiences. E! Network has nearly 100 million fewer followers on Instagram than Kim Kardashian. ESPN has nearly 10 million fewer followers than Lebron James on Twitter. CORE Network connects audiences to talent and story.

More ways to engage

CORE provides access to talent, activates sponsorship, and helps shape culture. Brands connect to fans through sports, esports, and entertainment with digital and experiential campaigns converging in a mobile-first world to create Fan Zone and digital experiences.

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Core Network - Sports, Esports & Entertainment


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In the News



Lindsay McCormick

Sports reporter and Fantasy Sports Expert

  • ESPN Sideline Reporter

  • Comcast Host

  • Showtime Host

  • Character in ePlay Augmented Reality Sports Games

  • Host of NFL Draft for CBS Sports

John Potter

Former NFL player and co-founder of 

  • Sports technology leader

  • Co-founder & CTO of sports tech community

  • Founding team at blockchain project

  • Academic All-American at Western Michigan University

Rob Horry

7-time NBA champion and sports broadcaster

  • LA Lakers

  • Houston Rockets

  • Phoenix Suns

  • San Antonio Spurs

  • Sports Broadcaster 

Sommer Ray

Instagram Influencer and Fitness Model

  • One of top 150 Instagram accounts

  • Fitness Model

  • 17.5 Million Instagram Followers

  • Game Character and Title

Trevor Doerksen

Game, film, TV producer and tech entrepreneur

  • Produced and Directed Pipe Dreams - snowboard film

  • Founder and CEO of Mobovivo

  • CEO of pubco ePlay Digital

  • Multiple product and business award winner

Ray Brown

Music, Film and TV Producer

  • Co-Producer of The Bounce Back starring Shemar Moore

  • Co- Producer of film School Gyrls

  • Co-Founder of NCredible with Nick Cannon

Yoeri Geerits

Marketing, Sponsorship & Business Development Executive

  • Senior Vice-President at Neilsen Sports

  • Senior Vice-President at Repucom

  • Head of Sponsorship at ING

Rhett Myers

Professional Athlete, Coach and Finance

  • Business development at Taurus Capital

  • Business development at Rohde & Liesenfeld

Frank Schmidt

European Entrepreneur and Sports & Entertainment Expert


  • Founder & Chairman Ledavi Network GmbH - Emotional Brand Building

  • Member of Board Radiate Group (Omnicom), Network of Brand Experience Agencies 

  • Founder & CEO Auratis AG, Sponsoring & Branded Entertainment

  • Head of Sponsoring & Placement, Mercedes-Benz

  • Hall of Fame Sponsoring

Mark Vella

Advertising and Technology Executive

  • CEO and Founder of Advertiise

  • Duke of Edinburgh Award Winner

  • Ad-tech guru

David Gratton

Business Strategist, Gamer, and Technology Visionary

  • CEO at Work at Play

  • VP Sales and Marketing at Totally Hip Software

  • Founder and President of ICI Media

  • Investment Banker at RBC

  • Board member at BC Tech Cube



Arturo Gomez


ESPN Sync, Gameboard Backend Programmer

  • B.Sc. Software Engineering

  • Blockchain Programmer

  • Artificial Intelligence


Bonnie Kim


ESPN Sync, Gameboard Programmer

  • B.Sc. Software Engineering

  • iOS and Android App Programmer

  • Unity Programmer

  • Artificial Intelligence

Navid Rezaei


ESPN Sync, Gameboard Programmer

  • M.Sc. Software Engineering

  • iOS and Android App Programmer

  • Unity Programmer

  • Artificial Intelligence


Dong Shim


Accountant and C-Level Finance

  • CFO at ePlay Digital

  • Director at National Issuer Services

  • CFO at International Private Vaults

Manfred von Nostitz - Blockchain Advisor

Former Canadian Ambassador in Asia

  • Director of Dragonfly Fintech Pte Ltd Singapore

  • Member of International NEM Blockchain Foundation

  • Adviser to "Xarcade" a NEM blockchain platform distributing video games in conjunction with tokens


Stock Symbol: EPY

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